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Now anyone in the Teachers group can log in and create a Wiki.

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To turn the Wiki service on: Open the Server app. Select Wiki in the sidebar of the Server app. Click the button in the Wiki service window that says Open in Safari. Define access to the Wiki service With the Wiki service selected in the sidebar of the Server app click the Edit Permissions button. The default settings for the Wiki service are to allow access to create Wikis for all users.

Click the menu that says "Allow Wiki creation for" and select "Only some users. To set up a new group: Select Groups in the sidebar of the Server app. Create a new group called Teachers in the Local Network Directory.

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Authenticate as the Directory Administrator if asked to do so. Once the group is created, double click it in the list of groups. Add one user to the group from the users you created in the Open Directory exercise. That made operating Mac-based server fleets a white-knuckle ride for admins — if you were hardy, you could use something like Mac Pros or Mac Minis as servers.

Apple kept macOS Server alive for diehards and those with big investments in the niche applications it served, such as big video edit rigs.

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Apple's support note suggests such users are now so scarce they can be cut loose without consequence. Sponsored: Serverless Computing London - Nov The Register - Independent news and views for the tech community.

Turning on the Wiki service

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Turning on the Wiki service

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Using Wikis In macOS Server 5.4

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